Eco conscious butterflies

My first time joining in on the eco blog. Thanks for having me!

For the blog we wanted to use retiring products.

I came across a whole sheet of 12 by 12 Magnolia lane dsp by Stampin’ up! (Not quite sure how it survived a whole year)

I decided to do some simple origami.

Start by trimming your dsp down to a4 size. Fold a corner so it meets the other side then trim the bottom off so that you have a square.

Fold your square into a triangle one way then the other. Then fold it into a rectangle one way then the other.

Next you need to fold it into a triangle. The tricky bit is pinching it into the middle so that it folds in on itself.

Once you have a triangle fold one point upwards then the other side to match. Turn it around so that you have the flat side of the triangle. Fold upwards but leave a point at the top.


Fold one point down to secure leaving the point behind it in place. Turn it around and unfold the “wings” pinch together in the middle to get a better shape and you should have yourself a butterfly!


If I can make this then anyone can. I popped a little note in the wings. Great to send to people to let them know you are thinking of them🖤

I had a little left over of the paper from my 12 by 12 sheet so I cut them down into 3 by 4 to insert into my scrapbook wallets. Not a scrap wasted 😉

To get your hands on any of these retiring products head on over to my Instagram to find out more.

Thank you for reading 🖤

Hop along to the lovely Eva from Heldenstempel for more eco crafting ideas.

G xx

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